Tax Investigtion Accountants & Cover

Tax Investigtion Accountants & Cover

Tax Investigtion Accountants & Cover

A tax investigation costs you money even if you’ve done nothing wrong.




£33 Billion is the estimated tax gap between what HMRC should collect and what it does collect.
£17 Billion is attributed to Small Businesses (£14bn) and Individuals (£3bn).
Tax and VAT Investigations are a key tool in reducing this deficit.




HMRC uses sophisticated software to cross-match a wide range of data sources; any anomalies can lead to an investigation. They do, of course, continue to carry out random investigations.




Tax investigations are time-consuming, stressful, and costly. Investigations can last for many months. Hence during this time, you could find yourself incurring accountancy fees as well as dealing with costly business disruption and probing questions.

Even if you’re found to owe nothing, you will still have to pay your professional representation fees.

For a modest annual fee, you can safeguard yourself from the cost of the professional fees associated with a tax investigation.




In the unfortunate event that you are selected for investigation, you can relax safe in the knowledge that there will be no professional fees to pay. The service covers up to £100,000 towards professional fees resulting from an HMRC Investigation.

  • We’ll provide professional representation on all matters relating to your investigation, ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible and providing you with peace of mind. We also deal directly with the insurers.
  • We have expertise and experience in dealing with HMRC.
  • You have peace of mind that the experts are dealing with HMRC on your behalf.
  • Dealing with HMRC on your own could make matters worse.
  • Early intervention can lead to an early resolution.
  • You can migrate or avoid additional due tax.




Included as part of our Tax Investigation Service is
comprehensive access to Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety expertise, all at no cost to you.

You’ll gain invaluable access to highly experienced consultants. They will provide you with guidance and proactive advice. Our commercial legal advice line is also available for queries that fall outside of Employment.

  • Law and Health & Safety.
  • Employment Law and HR Advice
  • Health & Safety Advice
  • Commercial Legal Advice

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