Be the Change that you want to See In Your Followers – Transformational Leadership

If you want to see your employees working up to the required standards, make it happen through influencing values in them by being the transformational leader. Generally, transactional leaders opt for traditional rewards and punishments but it takes a special person to provoke the employees and impart vision into his team. We can not deny transformational leadership pros and cons, but this is possible when the leader performs so finely that he earns the trust, respect, and appreciation of his team and gets them inspired to an extent that they automatically start following his example. 

In this post, we will cover the basics of transformational leadership along with transformational leadership pros and cons.

  • What is Transformational Leadership?
  • Success Factors
  • Pros and Cons of Transformational Leadership


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What is Transformational Leadership?


When a leader performs his duties so efficiently that inspires the followers so much that they automatically start to follow his example, this is when transformational leadership occurs in its true essence. Eventually, this causes change in professional behaviour of employees as well. Whereas, the transactional style of leadership causes the fall of business and leadership. 

In the transactional style, the leader offers promotions, rewards or threats with the punishment and demotion to his employees behaviour. In this type of leadership, they try to bring motivation from the outside for employees whereas it is only possible to provoke an employee from within in order to make long-lasting professionalism. 

Transformational style of leadership is the only solution to motivate employees from within by gaining so much trust and respect that they follow the example of their leader. It is to serve the team as role models in such a fine way that they are compelled to follow your example as a leader. 

Our focus is to help you learn more ways of inspiring leadership factors to inspire your team and make it a success story!


Success Factors:


With high expectations for the team and themselves, transformational leaders become the role model of standard professional behaviour rather than keep on saying it loudly and not bringing into any practical examples. They aim to:

  • Inspire the team to rise above the challenges.
  • Work beyond self-interest.
  • Be loyal to the organization.
  • Role-models of practicing professionalism. 
  • Target reachable and smart goals.
  • Change the behaviours through influence. 


  Pros and Cons of Transformational Leadership:


In spite, Transformational Leadership pros and cons, it is the most popular way to succeed while working as a team. Reason behind it deals with an employee’s individuality. Such leaders see their team members as one and respect their skills and difference of personalities. 

This is important to retain employees to recognize them with their different abilities and guide them according to their needs to grow professionally. This way employees feel accomplished and feel like staying with your company. Before you decide the type of leadership is right for your organization, let’s dive deep into the Transformational Leadership pros and cons.


Advantage: Reduced Employee Turnover


When employees keep on coming and going, it affects the organization not only in terms of quality working but it costs too much to find a better replacement that might ask for a better salary package. Also, the company has to spend on training programs for new hirings. 

A transformational leader intends to retain experienced employees to create an engaging work environment that focuses more on the professional growth of workers rather than the new replacements and training. 

Advantage: Embrace and Manage Change


Most of us are resistant to change whether we work as an employee or boss. It is because we do not embrace change due to fear of the unknown. We overanalyze the situation by making scenarios of how bad it may unfold with time rather focusing on what new and exciting thrill this change may hold back for us to grow with opportunities. 

On the other hand, transformational leaders embrace change and enjoy the thrill of setting an inspiring example to showcase how we can see change as an advantageous opportunity to come out of our comfort zone to grow through new experiences. 


Disadvantage: Not Everyone is Capable of seeing the Broader Picture


Usually, we are too comfortable in our old zone to come out of it willingly to try what is new out there. The world and social standards are growing with every passing moment. This requires us to keep on upgrading ourselves in order to survive in this world full of competitive options. However, this becomes the most challenging to convince people to see the bigger picture and understand the vision. 

The weak area of transformational leadership is that it doesn’t go with the minute details and miss to guide those employees who take advantage of such an environment and run from their duties. Operational planning is very important for any type of organization to achieve the targeted tasks. 

Disadvantage: Employee Burnout


Under Transformational leadership, where some of the employees get really inspired and start giving the required output by following the example of their leader. On the other hand, some employees find it choking to put in extra sincere energies to the company and they might think that is something associated with their families. Because most of the employees work to meet the ends of their needs. There is a very short percentage of people who are actually following their passion of work and working in the relevant fields. 

Such employees see the work as coming, doing the assigned tasks and going home. This constant pressure of authenticity can cause burnout and demotivation in such employees. They might feel it way too much to invest in a job rather than simply coming and doing their job. 

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To sum up the discussion of Transformational Leadership pros and cons, we can say that it depends on the type of business and work pattern you own for your organization can tell you the suitable style of leadership. We hope this post was helpful to understand what Transformational Leadership actually is and how it is advantageous for your work environment. 


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