Chartered Financial Planner

Why Choose a Chartered Financial Planner?

Whether you are an individual or a business owner looking for professional financial advice on investments, retirement or estate planning, you need to get help from a Chartered Financial Planner. Wondering what is a chartered financial planner? Why do you need to choose? Is it worth it? How to find one and what to look for when choosing? Read on this post till the end to find out!


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What is a Chartered Financial Planner?

Chartered Financial Planners are financial experts holding a prestigious academic qualification from Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). This status is widely recognised as ‘Gold Standard’ for financial advice and guidance. Generally, these professionals earn several CII certifications and diplomas in multiple areas to get the chartered status, like:

  • Pension
  • Taxes
  • Trusts
  • Investment
  • Financial Planning

Professionals regulated by CII are recognised via a special logo on their website and stationery. Bear in mind that only a few financial advisors and planners in the UK have this status. This honour is only awarded to the most experienced and qualified professionals in the field.

There are two types of certified status given by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII):


Chartered Status for Individuals

Individuals who complete the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (APFS) and carry at least five or more years of experience in the field can achieve this status. Only those financial advisors who hold a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning or Financial Planning can apply for APFS.

This is a tough course that takes around 1,000 hours of study and is accompanied by a three-hour exam to complete. The chartered status is only granted to those who successfully complete the course and gain experience of at least five years. In addition, experience further enhances the value of this status.


Chartered Status for Corporates

A business or an organisation is awarded a chartered status in financial planning if it has been knowledgeable, competent and ethical throughout its overall proceedings. This is the highest level of status and acknowledgement provided to organisations based on their professionalism, capability and trust.


Why Choose Chartered Financial Planner?

If you need expert financial advice on investment planning, tax or pension planning, estate planning or retirement planning, you need to contact a financial advisor with chartered status.

Before recommending the best financial strategy for your financial concerns, a chartered planner will comprehend and analyse your current financial position. The consultation given by a financial planner will be approved through an advice report to get a broad view of your finances, which helps you to make informed financial decisions. Chartered Planners are most often experts in certain domains.

Additionally, they will provide you with a clear view of your options to assist you in deciding the best financial strategies and products for your aspirations and needs. The worth of chartered financial advisors will be based on; the confidence you get from their planning process, the knowledge of assets you hold and the enhancement of your financial security. Additionally, these professionals are known for their professional standards and ethical values.

As per CII, the Chartered status makes them unique and special in four ways:

Why Choose Chartered Financial Planner

  • Specialised Knowledge: With the level 6 qualification, a chartered planner will have deep and broad knowledge, experience and expertise than other common financial advisors.
  • Differentiation: Chartered advisors are deemed different because of their prestige with proven capabilities.
  • Public Perception: This status is recognised by consumers as a sign of trust among the public.
  • Acknowledged Professionalism: This status provides acknowledgement and respect to them than other professions, with academic and professional credentials.


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Is it Worth Taking the Services of a Chartered Professional?

Yes! According to the recent research conducted by FCA, around 40% of financial planners are trusted by the people. It implies that chartered advisors are trustworthy, along with the qualification and hands-on experience in the field.

With all these attributes, chartered professionals can instil confidence in their potential clients and future employers to stand as top professionals.


How to Find A Chartered Planner?

To seek the highest standard of financial planning services, you can search for chartered advisors on the following websites using your postcode and location:

  • Chartered Financial Planners Directory
  • The Financial Services Registrar


What to Look for Before Choosing a Chartered Planner?

Before choosing a professional, make sure that your chartered planner:

  • is an independent financial advisor
  • has specialised knowledge
  • has the sound financial standing
  • is accredited and recognised by CII and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • is a network member


Quick Sum Up

You have now got a basic overview: what is a chartered financial planner? How to choose one? And what to look for in a chartered planner? Chartered status is only provided to those professionals and firms who show eminence in their field. Chartered professionals are committed by CII to provide the highest standard of professionalism across their business practices.


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Disclaimer: This blog is just for general information and must not be considered as financial advice.

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