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Why Do you Need an Accountant for a Small Business?

Finances are often the most difficult things to deal with when it comes to business management. The only difference is that larger corporations have the abilities to hire in-house business accountants. This removes the burden from the rest of the company’s members, which in turn allows them to operate without being dragged behind the numbers game.


Practically, all areas of the world have their tax rules and regulations set out for businesses. When it comes to the rules of the HM Revenue and Customs of the United Kingdom, finances and taxation are taken into account heavily! This means that financial statements, proper documentation, and timely filing of taxes are essential for operations. Missing out on any of these will have HMRC come looking out for business management solutions.  That’s the last thing you want as a small business owner.


Why should you hire a small business accountant? Do you really need the services of one for business management? Are they actually worth investing in? Here are some areas to consider when it comes to small businesses and the financial aspect of the trade:


Save Time and Do Little Effort


If you are not into numbers, you might end up spending more time than needed doing bookkeeping. On top of that, taxation is a very daunting task that has many complicated aspects in the field of business taxes—which means a slight error costs you a lot.


Think about the time used up by accounting that would’ve been channelled into perfecting the craft of your business. You could’ve learned better trade skills. In business, time is money. If you’re spending too much time working on things that can be cheaper if outsourced, you’re wasting money in the long run.


Hire a small business accountant for all the financial bookkeeping. Get accuracy and top quality service delivered at your end. You can relax and work on growing the enterprise.


Work on the Structure of Your Business


If you are a sole proprietor, the task of keeping financial records is daunting. It needs to be kept tight in terms of income, outbound expenses, and updating the HMRC regularly. In addition to all this, make sure that you’re paying national insurance on time. Also, keep track of annual taxes for utmost accuracy! A sole proprietorship can be managed easily if the business owner is careful enough to input  proper data and dedicate the right amount of time for accounting.


If the structure of a company is a limited business, it requires filing accounts in different offices, like the tax office and company houses. This includes balance sheets for profit and loss, as well as tackling complications in the administration. In this case, it’s better to invest in a proper business accountant service for filing financial records!


The Payroll Dynamics


When you’ve got employees under you, there are a lot of issues with wages paid on time.  This typically happens when incentives and pension schemes are not properly administered. You might end up having issues. HMRC does not appreciate improper record keeping!


Working on the payroll system gets a bit tricky. Given that you’re not proficient in using a computer or automated payroll systems. In this case, a small business accountant can do wonders for you. Talk about making things more streamlined and making sure you’re living a worry-free life.




Small business accountants are a big help. Especially when the difficulty and complex nature of taxation and financial records keeping is bugging you. Knowing that mistakes can be costly to your business is normally a good enough reason to invest in a professional bookkeeping service.


Are you looking for a small business accountant to help you manage your business’ accounting side? ACCOTAX has some of the best tax accountants in London capable of helping you manage your small business. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you!


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