Here’s Why Welcome Emails Are Important for Your Business

Having an effective marketing strategy is the best thing is just the start of creating amazing email marketing campaigns. A successful email marketing strategy would result in you selling more products. This may be impractical to some of you, but it is the reality of the matter. If your email strategy is done right, you’ll know the formula of success and you might even end up with that formula more than once to gain more prospects. There are a lot of email campaigns that do the trick for you. Let’s begin with the significance of welcome emails.


Why Do You Need to Send Out Welcome Emails?


Once onboarded, around 74-80% of your subscriber might be anticipating a welcome email. At times, a good welcome email might seem like such a nice gesture that your attracted prospect might want to convert the moment they receive this nice gesture. 


Welcome emails, on the other hand, set the mood you want to have for your audience. Before sending out a welcoming email, keep the following considerations in mind:


  • 45% of purchases happen when you’ve opted in the subscribers. 
  • Welcome emails have an open rate of around 60% Which is certainly more than other promotional emails.
  • All these emails also have a 5 times better click-through rate in comparison with other emails. 
  • When compared to other advertising emails, welcome emails raise 320 percent more sales.


Some Tips to Create a Welcome Email


Before sending out a welcoming email, make sure you know just what you want to do with it. A welcome email may be the first step to establish cooperation with the prospect and work towards meeting the following goals:


a- Better Engagement 

For most people, having a better engagement is crucial. This means even better engagement than any other promotional emails. How cool is that? You need to make them more effective than any other emails you send out to your prospects. 


b- Save Time, Earn More


Welcome emails are a great way to set up your prospect’s tone. Since the whole business is automated. It’s a great way to connect with the leads and find out where do they stand in the customer’s journey. 


c- You Get to Reduce the Spam Rate


Welcome emails are naturally very catchy. The moment you decide to send them out to a prospect, you already know that it will have a very high open-rate. Since the email account owner won’t mark it as spam, the next sales-oriented email you send out to a prospect will be received well and might be opened as well.  Thus there will be better chances of conversion by the prospects. 


d- You get to be Relevant


It’s always advised to the digital marketer to have preference centers in their emails. This gives email marketing professionals an opportunity to send relatable emails to their prospects. 


It’s always a good idea to send out a welcome email the moment you get a new subscriber. Make sure there’s some effort that goes into the design of the welcome email so that the subscriber has better expectations from what you’ve got to offer. 


Final thought:


We hope you have got the answer: Why Welcome Emails Are Important for Your Business?


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