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Are You A Lady Entrepreneur? Here are Rewarding Schemes for Your New Business Venture!

If you intend to start your own business or seek promising offers to flourish your growing venture, Business Grants for Women is all that you need to feel accomplished.

 Business Grants

Business grants in the UK are very supportive for women who are looking to set up their own businesses. This few minutes comprehensive guide will help you to know more about the supporting grants in the UK for women interested to set up small businesses. This definitely turns out to be a boost to their aims with other motivating factors. Before this, the women’s proportion was not greater for small businesses

These days women seek cost-effective ways that can help them to finance the business they are passionate about. However, there are some other ways for financial support that include loans and credit card offers but you might get tired for a long time period and stuck with repaying. This is why they are not very popular and appreciated among businesswomen. 


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If you talk about the solutions, how does it sound to get free money for your business? There are amazing offers that only businesswomen can avail by the government and other organizations in the UK. Moreover, this process has its own conditions to meet the criteria. The process is super competitive because of the strong appeal for free money. 

If your application is accepted then you are granted free money with no repaying conditions or any sort of interest rate attached with it. Also, there is no specific hub that offers such grants but some organizations and institutes. 


Small Business Grants for Women in The UK:

These business grants for women are offered by some organizations and the government, there is no specific central hub. And the best part is that it is offered for only females in business. There is still a lot of competition among women and it is not very easy to meet the criteria. Looking into the details of all the business grants for women, we have them listed below for you. 

small business grants for women

  • Female Founders
  • Allbright Organization
  • Female Funding
  • UK Stem
  • Innovative UK
  • The Anita Borg Institution for Women
  • Women In Innovation
  • Back Her Business


 Female Founder:

This is a platform that offers women in the UK who are passionate about setting up their own business an opportunity to meet the investors and have discussions on how to pitch the idea to actually make it a success story. Currently, this is being done remotely due to Covid-19. 

The platform does not offer any allowances or funds but the ideas to pitch the business and grow it as swiftly as possible.


All Bright Organization:

This organization is not a funding organization but it provides the opportunity to businesswomen by supporting them with the need of business digital requirements and this include:

  • Access to Business Clubs and membership
  • Get you introduced to the investors
  • Support in networking
  • Being Tech-savvy
  • Digital courses for smart working

There are certain conditions to enjoy the benefits offered by this organization. The business should already be operating and a female founder is a must to meet the criteria. Your business must be on a stage of making revenues or at least having an investment pooled in to be eligible for its monthly plan conducted in London. 


Female Founder Fund:

A prominent name in the list of Business Grant for women. To be applicable for funding, the process is very basic. One has to apply via email by sending the pitches attached in a file to the Female Founder Fund. This offer is to support the females in the early stage of business who are trying hard to step in the business world. 

However, this offer does not entertain small businesses commonly. They intend to invest in web-enabled services and e-commerce. This is a dependable way to grow your business faster and attract businesswomen who are seeking investors to pitch their business. 


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Women In Innovation:

This comes under the Government of the UK and every year a promising reward is given to a minimum of eight women who are doing well in business. This scheme invests in new growing projects and businesses run by women which can contribute to the flourishing economic position of the government after getting Business Grants for women. This includes coaching, guidance, business support, and an amount of 50,000 pounds. 

For entry, it is a must for you to be a female founder. Your business must meet the followings:

  • A year-old business entity
  • Aim to improve business and economy in the UK using different strategies 
  • Being timely available for the meetings and interviews


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The Anita Borg Institution For Women:

You might be seeking an organization in the UK for funding to start a new business or you are already running your business and aim to pitch it, The Anita Borg Institution For Women is the name that will help you by hosting two awards named as:

  1. Pass It On Award
  2. Abie Awards


This will provide fair funding opportunities for your business to flourish. Women working in the computing field and are over the age of 18 can be nominated for Abbie awards. The criteria for entry may vary depending on the type of award you are nominated for. Moreover, pass it on offers small business grants for women that can be cash prizes of 1000 pounds depending upon the categories of the award. 



Most popular business grants for women offered by the government and other organizations in the UK are competitive because of the free cash awards. Every year a numerous number of business females apply for it. To summarize the discussion we can say that focus is the key to get benefits of such opportunities and offers. If you focus and work on the eligibility criteria well before you apply, the chances are high that you might get nominated for the award and make your business grow even more swiftly.


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