Confirmation Statement

Confirmation Statement: Everything You Need to Know About It

A confirmation statement is a recording report with important data about the administration, possession, and capital situation of your organisation. Every single organisation including non-trading organisations should document confirmation of statement to Companies House.


Annual Returns and Confirmation Statement :

The confirmation statement was presented on 30th June 2016. It gives data about the company for the public register. When documenting the yearly return, you needed to give the entire details without fail, regardless of whether you haven’t had any progressions since the last report. Simply ensure that data at present on record in the Companies House is right and completely forward-thinking.


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Data On Confirmation Statement:

  • Organisation name and enrollment number
  • Enrolled office address
  • LLP individuals’ subtleties (Where pertinent)
  • Nature of business exercises/SIC codes
  • Data about People with Significant Control (PSC)
  • Area of legal registers


Confirmation Statement and Completion:

Prior to recording the confirmation statement, you need to actually look at your present enrolled data at Companies House.

You should furnish Companies House with changes to your organization, including:

  • changes to the organisation name
  • changes to the enrolled office address
  • changes to the bookkeeping reference date
  • changes to PSC subtleties
  • changes to share structure

Confirmation Statement and Completion

The primary affirmation statement you record should incorporate a rundown of People with Significant Control (PSCs). Essentially, a PSC is a person who:

  • holds over 25% of the organisation’s offers
  • holds over 25% of the organisation’s rights for voting
  • has the ability to choose or end a larger part of the organisation’s board
  • has the option to practice or really practice critical impact or authority
  • has the privilege to practice or really practice huge impact or command over a trust or a firm that is certifiably not a legitimate element that itself fulfils any of the initial four conditions.

You may have no PSCs in your company, and for this situation, you should express that on the enlist and still inform the state.

Organisation A has two investors, each holding half of the offers. They each hold over 25% of the organization’s offers, so the two of them are PSCs. In the event that every one of the offers conveys one vote, every one of them holds over 25% of the organization’s rights. On the off chance that no one else has the option to select or end a larger part of the board or has “critical impact or control”, those two individuals are the organization’s just PSCs.

Organisation B has five investors, each holding 20% of the offers. None of the investors holds over 25% of the offers or the democratic rights. In the event that no one else meets different conditions, Company B doesn’t have any PSCs.

Some details, like investors’ data, SIC code, and statement of capital can be refreshed inside your confirmation statement. Remember to record the confirmation statement regardless of whether there were no progressions to your company. The Companies House needs to ensure that the records they hold are right and exceptional.


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Confirmation Statement – When Do Companies File?

You should document the confirmation statement. Subsequently, an organisation has a year after its development to present the main statement. At whatever point it does as such, a new time period is set. In the event that it recorded its first statement in June 2018, it should present the following one by June 2019. You have 14 days after the date to submit or refresh your important details.

It is feasible to record your statement at some other time during the survey time frame. If you do it prior, another audit time of a year begins. You can present quite a few affirmation statements each year.


Confirmation Statement – Not Filed On Time:

Directors can be indicted. Someone can be excluded from going about as a director. The most common way of striking off the registry may be started, and the business may stop existing.


How to File Confirmation Statement:

The least expensive approach to document your confirmation statement is through WebFiling — the Companies House method. You’ll have to enlist for it. The other alternative is to send it by post. If you send your statement by post, the expense is £40. On the off chance that you submit it on the web, the system will cost you just £13.

What If I Made A Mistake?

On the off chance that the Companies House gets any data conflicting with the information they have on record, they will tell you. Having a notification, ensure you comprehend the idea of your mistake, right them by presenting the missing structures or by revising in your recording history.

The Companies House has various approaches to assist organisations with conforming to necessities. This include:

  • letters and messages about a cutoff time
  • free online courses
  • free online help for organisations
  • helping clients through their contact services



So, to conclude we can say that In the event that one neglects to record the confirmation statement, it might raise trouble for the company. In the event that one doesn’t present the statement within 14 days of its due date, it is considered a criminal offence.


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Disclaimer: This post intends to provide general information on the confirmation statement.

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