Multiple Dwellings Relief

Multiple Dwellings Relief for SDLT: Am I Eligible and how do I Claim it?

Have you ever heard of the relief still available even when the stamp duty holiday ends for homebuyers? In certain circumstances, it can offer to pay lower rates of SDLT. This can be possible when first-time buyers of any property intend to make a purchase of multiple properties which leads to a claim for Multiple Dwellings Relief.

The question that arises here is that what is multiple dwelling relief? Before we delve into further discussion, let’s have a look at the following points to focus on in this article:

  • Define Multiple Dwelling Relief
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • How to Make a Claim?
  • The Bottom Line


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Define Multiple Dwelling Relief:

Before we get to know the defined details, it is important to know that SDLT as mentioned above stands for Stamp Duty Land Tax. MDR (Multiple Dwelling Relief) as the name depicts is a kind of relief that a qualified taxpayer claims when he is up for purchasing more than one property.


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Eligibility Criteria:

In simple words, dwelling is just another name of the residential area, house or property. In order to meet the eligibility criteria of multiple dwelling relief, the transaction you make must be equal to two dwellings or more. In the case of a linked transaction, it can be of one dwelling as well.

Below is the detail of dwelling for SDLT and what is linked transaction to make the eligibility easy for your understanding.

The dwelling for SDLT: 

An area is considered as a dwelling for SDLT if it is suitably used for a single dwelling. Moreover, HMRC provides a clear discussion on SDLT and multiple dwellings as well.

SDLT Linked Transaction:

Linked transaction means that the same buyer goes for multiple property purchases with the same seller.


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How to Make a Claim?

If you find yourself in a state to understand the multiple dwelling to an extent that you can actually make the right decision about it. You are in a fair position to check the eligibility criteria and see if you meet the required standards.

Now you must be wondering about making a claim and how to do it. The following points can guide you further in this discussion:

  • Apply for Multiple Dwelling Relief.
  • Get your SDLT (Stamp duty land tax) calculated by the conveyancer.
  • Make the claim within the Land Transaction Return.
  • Get the help of the conveyance to submit the required documents on your behalf.


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The Bottom Line:

Now that you have developed a better understanding of Multiple Dwellings Relief, we can sum up the discussion by saying that to make the most out of the above-discussed relief, it is important to get the eligibility criteria and meet the requirements to make a successful claim.

In order to avoid haphazard, professional help can help to make it work seamlessly. The conveyance can help to avoid any mistakes in the process. We hope this article provides fair information to let you achieve the set targets.


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Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general information based on Multiple Dwellings Relief and relevant details.

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