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New State Pension – Understand And Qualify!

On 6th April 2016 New State Pension was introduced. This can be yours even if you are getting benefits of personal and workplace pension.


This post will help you to figure out:


  • Eligibility Criteria
  • How to claim?
  • How is state pension paid?
  • Collect your pension

New State Pension

Eligibility Criteria:


The conditions to be eligible if you intend to claim the new pension is listed below.


  • You are a man who was born on 6th April 1951 or any time after that.
  • You are a female who was born on 6th April 1953 or after that.

The earliest possibility to get benefits from it is to reach the age of state pension. In case you reached pension age before 6th April 2016, you will be eligible to claim for the old pension scheme. On the other hand, you reach the pension age after 6th April 2016 you can claim for the basic pension.


If you think you have reached the Pension Age and wondering how much is the pension, get in touch with us for instant help. 


How To Claim?


To claim for New State Pension, it is necessary to reach the pension age. Several online calculators will help you to figure out either you have reached the pension age as yet or not. Usually, this age criteria is different from the workplace or personal pension age.

You can always find user-friendly guides in this regard to calculate:


When will you reach the pension age?

Qualifying for state pension

Eligibility criteria for free bus travel.


Before you start, know that the forced age of 65 is no longer exists. Your state pension will not reach you by any Government law, you have to do the efforts for claiming it. Once you are done with the process of claiming it, there must be a letter that will be sent to you within two months with all the relevant details of what exactly to do to get this pension.

In case you are in some other country, you need to seek a guide for the different methods according to that. If we talk about the ways to get a state pension. The swiftest way is to do it online. The other possible ways are by post or telephone. There can be an exception of people who use sign language. The video relay service is for you to use British Sign Language (BSL).

If online and telephone are not suitable ways for you, you can contact Pension Center. this might take a little longer than online or telephonic ways.


Find Your Eligibility Criteria by talking to our professionals, and figure out How Much Is This Pension For You?

How Is State Pension Paid?


Looking into the ways of paying State pension, it is transferred to your national saving account if it accepts direct debit payments. The other possible ways could be building society, post office, or directly paid into your bank. Owning your house, savings, and workplace pensions do not affect any of the state pension criteria. So, you don’t need to worry or hide any of this. It is expected to get several other benefits after getting an award for pension.


Our Advisory can help you to calculate to check an estimate of how much is the state pension.


Collect Your Pension Or Give Someone Access:


There is a possibility that you are doing really well on finances and this appears harder to collect a pension or getting to the bank is challenging for you. This issue can be sorted out by seeking someone you count on to receive the payments on your behalf. It is suggested to nominate a trustworthy friend, relative, or helper to assist. The normal way to get the pension paid is direct payment when your benefits or allowances are directly sent to your account.


It is allowed for you to nominate someone to assist and name that helper to have permanent or temporary access to your account. It all depends on the kind of way that suits you the most.


Contact us to know ow the possible options if you are unable to handle your accounts. 



Let’s sum up the discussion with the hope that this few minutes read helped you to understand how to qualify the standards before you claim for state pension and what are possible ways for smooth processing in this regard.


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