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Financial Advisor – How Do I Find A Good One?

Are you seeking a guide that can help to know everything about finding  The Best Financial Advisor? You are on the right page, we will help you to find out an Independent Financial Advisor and some types of financial advice for your knowledge quest.

An Independent Financial Advisor must be considered to get advice for some complex products. So that you end up having something suitable and productive. Suggested options could be:

  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Equity Release and Mortgages
  • Tax Planning
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Investments and Pensions

Whatever you plan to do with your money to make the most out of it, involve the financial advisor in your planning. An Independent Financial Advisor will scour the market for the most suitable product tailored according to your circumstances and needs.

It is possible to invest your money in buying complex products without an advisor. However, that is sinking down into risks. If you have a little experience and background in the field, you can opt for the platforms that offer a range of complex products. For example, self-invested personal pension (SIPPS) or stock and shares, etc.


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Further, this Blog will unfold the information that involves the following frequently asked questions:

  • Who Is An Independent Financial Advisor?
  • How Do I Find A Good Financial Advisor?
  • I Have Chosen The Financial Advisor – What Is The Next Move?

Financial Advisor


Who Is An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)?

IFA is the abbreviation of Independent Financial Advisor. Their job is to deal with the clients who are looking for the best possible option to pick in a wide range of products. These guys offer professional advice to such clients. Along with professional advice in financial matters, they also tend to recommend suitable products from the whole market.

People often confuse restricted financial advisors with IFA. There is a clear difference between them. If the advisor is independent, the advice must include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the market
  • No influence of product providers

How Do I Find A Good Financial Advisor?

while you start to look for a good financial advisor, it is a must to search around the market.  It is good to compare when you start and for this purpose, you should access comparison sites. They are known to be unbiased and vouch for the best.

the best and simple way is to narrow down and then shortlist the ones you find right on the basis of customer reviews. Then arrange a meeting with three to four of them to compare and decide that who can be the most suitable option for you to carry on with your requirements. Value of money and services that meet your need must be the focus.

In case you don’t feel like it is a need to meet your financial advisor in person, you could save money by using the data available on VouchedFor. This data involves the financial planning cost.

The best suggestion is to narrow down and shortlist the best possible options and give them a ring to decide one for you. There are several other resources that can help you to find yourself the best adviser.

  • The Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments
  • Personal Finance Society
  • Society Of Later Life Advisors
  • The Financial Conduct Authority

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I Have Chosen The Financial Advisor – What Is The Next Move?

Once you are done understanding the level on which you should judge your Independent Financial Advisor. Arrange a formal meeting to explain what you are looking for. And the advisor will tell you about the kind of services he will provide to help you achieve your target.

A key fact document must be made that will have the details of their fees and about your expectations. The fee will depend on the kind of services you require from your advisor. Once you are satisfied with this episode of the process as well. Now, you are required to the following steps:

  • Carry out a fact find.
  • Provide your details of finances and goals.
  • The attitude of risk so that they can find suitable products for you.

A complete financial plan will be provided to you along with product recommendations and tax benefits if any. In case you agree to your Independent Financial Advisor‘s product recommendation and financial plan, it will be practically implemented. You can avail ongoing review option with it.


To conclude, we can say that An IFA can bring ease to your financial planning. His professional recommendations will further protect you from risk and wasting your invested money in the market. However, it is very important to choose the right option for smooth processing. We hope this blog helped to develop a better understanding of how to choose the best advisor for you.

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